Mythical Journeys III

Will you defend a shattered world and rewrite its destiny?

Rise as a legend in a world shattered by oblivion. Two centuries ago, a cataclysm cleaved the land, leaving the remnants of Pendaan clinging to existence. Magical beacons stand as civilization's last defense against the encroachment of the Void. Join a vibrant community of 100+ players, forge lasting friendships, and experience the thrill of lightest-touch boffer combat. Immerse yourself in a sprawling narrative woven over decades and become the hero who rekindles the fading hope for a world reborn.

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Legends Rise in a Shattered World

Your saga awaits...

Have you ever dreamt of stepping into a world where magic and myth intertwine? Where forgotten lore breathes life into a land scarred by an ancient catastrophe? Mythical Journeys (MJ) is more than just a live-action role-playing game (LARP); it&apoos;s a portal to a reality unlike any you've ever experienced.

Beyond the Sundering

Prepare to enter the realm of Pendaan, a land forever marked by the cataclysmic Sundering. This world-shattering event tore through the fabric of reality, leaving behind shattered fragments clinging to a precarious existence. Four Beacons, shimmering testaments to a bygone era of potent magic, now stand as the last bastion of hope against the encroaching darkness.

Forge Your Destiny in a World Divided

The Sundering's impact fractured not just the land, but the very spirit of humanity. Some strive to preserve the light, clinging to the fading embers of hope. Others succumb to the shadows, lured by whispers from the encroaching darkness. The choice is yours. Will you rise as a valiant hero, a cunning rogue, or a power-wielding sorcerer? Every decision you make will contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of Pendaan's destiny.

A Legacy Etched in Time

Unlike fleeting one-off LARPs, MJ boasts a rich storyline that stretches back decades. This intricate narrative offers a depth rarely found in roleplaying experiences. Your actions will ripple through the fabric of time, influencing the course of events and shaping the fate of generations to come.

Unleash Your Inner Legend

Join Mythical Journeys and become part of something extraordinary. Explore a world teetering on the brink of oblivion, forge bonds that will endure beyond the game, and fight for a brighter tomorrow. In the shattered world of Pendaan, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of legends just like you. Are you ready to answer the call?